A5000 and enclosures

For medium listening distances and richly decorated rooms the direct radiating A5000 unit with a variable flux density up to about 19,500 Gauss is extremely enjoyable. Built in a horn enclosure like Acousta or Acousta De Luxe, at some places called Model 115, the drive unit is housed optimally. The enclosure employs a folded horn, or exponential labyrinth, which operates from the rear of the drive unit. This structure produces the necessary diaphragm loading (almost no movement even at higher listening levels) resulting in a smooth and extended bass response with negligible distortion. Built right and suited for contemporary living, the speaker provides a realism in sound that must be heard to be believed.

Kilimanjaro-Series A5000

Kilimanjaro-Series A5000 with PM6A-DK cone assembly

DK cone assembly

DK cone assembly, available from me

A5000 cut and dimensions

A5000 cut and dimensions

Acousta 115 plan

Folded horn

construction details and plans

Construction details and plans

Lowther pm6mki, PM6A, PM6C, PM2A, PM2C

Lowther PM6MkI from 1969

Lowther Acousta

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