High End 2017

We successfully demonstrated the new AUDIO FRAME Chicago at the Munich High End 2017 and got extremely positive feedback. The 1st picture shows the Chicago from behind…

AUDIO FRAME Chicago at the Munich High End 2017

Some people told us that our room offered the most relaxing and the best music reproduction on the whole fair. Thanks for this praise. We are sure that our new loudspeaker systems will be playing even better at your home.

AFX Chicago uncovered, Mr. Shinichi Suzuki, President of G.I.P.Laboratory and Mr. Wolf von Langa

Mr. Shinichi Suzuki, President of G.I.P.Laboratory (right) and Mr. Wolf von Langa (left), showing technical details after uncovering the bass-midrange units from behind.

demonstration Bernd Uecker

Mr. Bernd Uecker demonstrating the audio chain in room F231c, consisting of…

primarycontrol fcl tonearm bernd hemmen

…the brand new PrimaryControl FCL tonearm mounted to the direct drive Kinea which does not dazzle by largeness nor by chrome and gold but persuaded with life-like music reproduction.
A 2nd turntable Kinea equipped with an Arrow tonearm and a Mono cartridge to make it possible to play 106 years old shellac records to be seen on the left. And we listened to the original voice of Enrico Caruso! And we listened to Nellie Lutscher who influenced many artists with her unusual, expressive style, especially Nina Simone. Direct to Disc from 1947!

shellac 78rpm

lyra atlas 8834-2

A small group of audio professionals listening seriously to some classical records.

audio professionals listening to some classical records

field-coil-speakers, the finest audio chain in this world

Visitor B. Liebenberg: „I want to congratulate you on your excellent speakers and thank you for the successful presentation! I was there on Friday afternoon and found an island of relaxation and unpretentious euphony amidst the bustle. For me your setup was the best sounding of the show this year. The tasteful choice of music was also „outstanding“ – where else on the high end show can you hear John Zorn after a Neil Young live recording?
I would be glad to recommend you."

AFX London, Lowther, UK, driven by our modern field coil unit

A detail picture of the upper part of the AUDIO FRAME London. Actually an original cone assembly of Lowther UK, driven by our modern field coil unit which enables an almost unheard reproduction quality from such a paper cone set.

Thomas Mayer Line, tribute transformer, 10y tube

The Thomas Mayer amplification chain consisted of his newly built and adjustable shellac equalization, his classic RIAA combined with the 10Y line stage and the new differential mono blocks equipped with ELROG ER 300B tubes.

elrog tubes thomas mayer, elrog er 300b

And after the show hours we enjoyed even more music and the taste of good Spanish wine from Felix Lezcano-Lacalle. Excellent. Thank you for joining us!

Spanish wine Maudes Felix Lezcano-Lacalle. Excellent.
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