A5000, another listening experience

Recently we had more requests for A5000 and Peter from Slovakia bought a pair. After receiving the units and playing around with different cone assemblies he was willing to write down his listening experience. This is his story (we deleted third party brand names and replaced the brand by XXX):

Peter: “This is my way of getting to A 5000 Drive unit :-)

I have been listened to music mainly to chill out, but always put an emphasis on the quality of sound.

As for my first audio system I had a slightly higher standard of speakers (XXX Carat DC 80) but no turntable. One day a friend of mine came over bringing a vintage turntable XXX for trial. The sound was amazing. So I decided to restore an old english turntable (XXX RD 40).

I missed a phono preamp and I wanted to build one. While getting all the components I met a great person, who changed my approach to audio world. When I listened to the sound of his system, I realised that there was nothing better I had heard so far. I made up my mind to go for full range and tube poweramps. 

I built a DIY box with DX4 XXX and asked my friend to make me a tube amp 300B. The sound produced by the combination of the full range, the turntable, the tube amp 300B and the preamp was stunning. It was full of details, dynamics, full of emotions yet with all the disadvantage of XXX (missing bass from 80Hz and from time to time it „screamed“).

Wolf von Langa A5000 used in DIY Horn Loudspeaker, Peter, Slovakia

Reading hifi forums I learned about XXX Oris Horns 150 and again was determined to made it at home. Before its completion I could obtain XXX MD3 and since I haven´t heard nothing better, I thougt :-). But another friend of mine has XXX AC-XP field-coil driver instead of XXX MD 3 and he said it makes a great difference in the sound quality. He has mentioned that he intended to buy Kilimanjaro-Series woofers by Wolf von Langa. This is how I have got to Wolf von Langa and why I bought A5000 drive units. The change in the quality of sound has been tremendous!!! This is the best I have heard until now as for both details and dynamics. And what is more – without the disadvantages the XXX had. For me this is the sound of dreams! There is no point in describing it, as you simply have to hear it!!“

AAA 2015

Das Lautsprechersystem SON auf der AAA 2015. Musik die Spaß macht! 

Als Zuspieler diente das PrimaryControl Laufwerk mit separatem Netzteil (Geschwindigkeit und Torque einstellbar), der PrimaryControl Tonarm Reference und der Lyra Abtaster Atlas. Zu sehen und hören war auch das PTP Laufwerk von Peter Reinders mit PrimaryControl Tonarm Arrow und Abtaster Lyra Delos. Die in Deutschland bei uns erhältliche Vorstufe von Illusonic verstärkte das MC Signal und die Endstufe Jadis JA 15 (CA 30) oder Frans de Wit (Holland) sorgte für Leistung. Wahlweise wurde die letzte Oktave des unteren Übertragungsbereichs von Wolfgang Nickl übernommen, die Einstellung des Sub Kanals reichte von 35 - 70 Hz und entlastete bei Betrieb die SON. Der Vergleich Stereo / 2.1 mit mehreren Hörern ergab einstimmig, dass tonal keine Änderung wahrnehmbar war (Dank der Einstellbarkeit des Illusonic), je nach Musikmaterial und Lautstärke konnte eine nochmalige Steigerung der „räumlichen“ Wahrnehmung im 2.1 Betrieb erreicht werden.

aaa 2015

AAA Krefeld 2015, analog forum, Wolf von Langa SON, Illusonic Vorverstärker, Jadis und Frans de Wit Verstärker

Raum Passion, im Hintergrund zu sehen die „enhanced“ Feldspulenversorgung der SON

VTA Tower des PrimaryControl Reference Tonarms

VTA Tower des PrimaryControl Reference Tonarms

Illusonic IAP4

Illusonic IAP4 in Stereo Betrieb oder als 2.1


Bing translation:

The speaker SON on the AAA 2015 makes music fun!

The music was served from the PrimaryControl turntable with a separate power supply (adjustable speed and torque), the PrimaryControl Reference tonearm and the Lyra pickup Atlas. Also the PTP turntable from Peter Reinders with the PrimaryControl Arrow tonearm and pickup Lyra Delos played extremely good. The preamplifier Illusonic (within Germany available from us) was used for the MC signal and volume control, the power amplifier Jadis JA 15 (CA 30) or Frans de Wit (Holland) provided power. Either the last octave of the lower frequency range was reproduced by Wolfgang's sub, the range was from 35-70 Hz and exonerated the SON during operation. The comparison of Stereo / 2.1 with multiple listeners proofed unanimously that tonally no change was noticeable. Depending on the music material and volume a further increase of „spatial“ perception could be achieved in 2.1 operation.

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