Technical Introduction to SPHERE

The Sphere Mini Monitor is equipped with two high quality full range speakers mounted exactly opposite in a 203 mm diameter sphere. Each magnesium cone, the outer and inner suspension of the aluminum cast frame drive unit is built for maximum linearity within certain reproduction intensity. The drive units are constructed diffuse-field equalized, resulting in linear reproduction 30 degrees off axis. The 2 speakers are arranged bipolar.

SPHERE – Improved Reproduction

Two Sphere loudspeakers directly in front of the listener improve reproduction of stereophonic and 5.1 surround sound for music, movies, home theaters, workstations, or studio monitoring applications. Exact Sphere positioning eliminates crosstalk inherent in the conventional “stereo triangle” speaker placement, and thereby generates a speaker-binaural sound field that emulates headphone-binaural, and creates for the listener improved perception of “reality” of recorded auditory scenes.

Most existing two channel discs (LPs as well as CDs) are reproduced with natural solo voices and wider images when Sphere is positioned exactly. Along with lifelike spatial qualities, more correct timbre (tone color) of sounds is preserved. By repositioning speakers closer together, reproduction is able to generate wide auditory images from most ordinary CDs/LPs/DVDs or MP3s of music, movies, or games and, depending upon the recording, restore the lifelike localization, spatiality, and tone color they have captured, both in stereo and surround.

SPHERE – Parts package

SPHERE loudspeaker Stereo phone jack 6.3 mm with 3m cable
(green/yellow=earth or black in common; blue=front and brown=rear)  
Hook for 1/4 Zoll thread

Frequency response axis / off axis

Frequency response on axis (red) and 30° off axis (blue, normal listening position) 

SPHERE – Equipment

Digital Amplifiers: SMSL SA-50, Q5 USB, SA-98E, DAYTON DTA-1, DYNAVOX DA-30, ARGON DA1 USB, DA2 USB, NUFORCE DIA ...
Stands: HAMA Traveller Compact Pro, Star 61, SONY SPA-MK20M … (1/4 inch)

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Subject to changes/modifications without notice.

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