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Wolf von Langa’s SWING dipole speaker is one of the most extraordinary and sonically impressive constructions that money can buy. (LowBeats, H. Biermann)

Dipole speaker Wolf von Langa SWING

The life of the HiFi journalists is not always as beautiful as many readers would think. Often you have to listen and test components, which are simply boring. Some are even really bad, which results in harsh confrontations, because some manufacturers lack the professional distance to their own product and one gets the impression, to pronounce a deep insult in critical discussion. But there are those moments where its is clear why you did choose this path. These are touching moments, which replenish yourself for weeks and make you believe in the good of High End. I recently experienced such a moment, while visiting the store of Thomas Fast (Fastaudio) I was listening to the Wolf von Langa SWING at the Bad Cannstatt (Stuttgart) Brählesgasse.

It should be mentioned that his store, billeted in Stuttgart's oldest House, is a great experience anyway. This of course has to do much with Thomas himself, his passion for good music, his love of the good furnishings, of his profound knowledge of acoustics and analog playback, as well as his knack for special components. There are a lot of interesting things, but on this sunny Wednesday, I came for the loudspeakers of Wolf von Langa. Langa himself was also there and gave me a small introduction to the two models SON and SWING.

Von Langa is one of the very few advocates of so-called „energized“ drivers. What sounds a bit strange, is nothing more than an electromagnet with the capability to beat the drive strength of any other loudspeaker. But that's not always the goal. Just as you can do it with the big Focal Grande Utopia EM, you can set the strength of the magnetic field and vary the sound to your taste on his loudspeakers too. All of the woofers used by him are designed and produced by von Langa in the Franconian Neunkirchen. They always look like professional drivers (hard paper cone, ribbed surround), but are suspended extremely soft and therefore offer best dynamics even at very low levels. The inclined do-it-yourself enthusiasts may purchase these brilliant bass speakers, but will find that such a brilliant constructed chassis with an electromagnet is not that cheap...

Compared to that, the "small" SON is not so expensive, considering the price of less than 10,000 Euros. It was the first thing we heard at Thomases store. While still listening to the first sounds, I already had to ask myself : what kind of sense has this man? How does he play Zappa "Live in New York"? I've know this recording since I was a teenager, and I know exactly how it sounded on all of my equipment: completely different than on the SON. In my memory, the recording was much more leisurely. With the SON, I was sitting surrounded by the drums. The dynamics and the variety of colors in this shot were like I've never heard them before. Zappa's voice too: open, authentic, pithy. POH! Really good. So good that we did a little test. Namely: What amplifier is the best for the SON? Musical Fidelity M5si or Symphonic Line RG 14 or Lavardin IS? Wolf von Langa almost pleaded on the Symphonic Line, Thomas and I had the opinion that the Lavardin sounded incredibly fine and is the right aggregate for the SON. Because: These speakers do not need much power…

After that, we went to the next floor, into the main room of Fast´s shop. The room has only about 16 square meters, is also almost shaped like a square. And yet the Acoustics Professional Thomas Fast has managed to keep a sensational sound. With the Wolf of Langa SWING, which predominantly ran with the 30 Watts tube Monoblocks Jadis JA30. The Monos are a recommendation of von Langa and I must say: it sounds outstanding. We listened to every kind of music : Groovy jazz of the 1960s or electro-pop by Yello. Analog friend Fast has some rarities among his nearly 7,000 records and we heard a blast after another. Was it this incredibly open, direct-natural sound, or the music? I can't tell . All I know is that I have never experienced canned music like that, and I never before felt so close to (or in the?) recordings. And this certainly had nothing nasty. That was just great. In part so loud, the ears rang me, but I didn't wanted it any other way. I wanted MORE. And perhaps even louder - which was not possible due to the very advanced time and the neighbors. Someone who succumbs to the sex of JBL Studio monitors (like me), but wants to feel its directness still much finer and better, must listen to these speakers called SWING. It's just a different experience: extremely authentic, directly into the heart.

I hope that the Wolf of Langa SWING soon finds its way to our listening room. Then there will also be a correct measurement and a proper assessment. It is pretty large and heavy and it might take a little longer to actually get it, but I certainly didn't wanted to keep my enthusiasm to myself until then...


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