The modern field-coil loudspeaker compromises between dimensions and low frequency reproduction. Similar to Altec’s exceptional paper cone with textile suspension our 11.5 inch large A1.1200 is capable to reproduce all notes up to 2 kHz without the ringing of it’s competitors. Also our ventilated spider conforms to recent perceptions without the problem of loosing the restoring force due to excessive displacement. As the A1.1200 is efficient and this transducer uses an underhung voice coil the maximum amplitude is confined meaningful. 

A1.1200 Wolf von Langa Field-Coil Speaker

A1.1200 Bass Midrange Transducer

A1.1200 diagrams

Frequency response, impedance, impulse and step response

Frequency response = 30 – 4,500 Hz
Power handling = 50 Watts
Sensitivity = 96 dB @ 1W/1m
Diaphragm = driven by a 76 mm diameter voice coil on treated paper former
Flux density = variable
Net weight = 15.1 kG
Diameter = 400 mm (square)
Mounting hole diameter = 340 mm 4 bolt mounting square
Voice coil impedance = 8 Ohms
Resonance frequency = 30 Hz

A1.1200 Kilimanjaro-Series

Subject to changes/modifications without notice.

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