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The Benefits

01   Listen to music that is fit for the gods

02   Joy in music, even quietly

03   Your lifetime

About us

Research, discover and construct – that has always been the passion of our company’s founder Wolf von Langa. The love for music and decades of experience can be found in every single one of our hand crafted and in Germany manufactured products. 

Research, discover and construct – that has always been the passion of our company’s founder Wolf von Langa. field coil power supply, field coil netzteil

Awards and Comments

We’ve won the ‚Industriepreis Elektrotechnik‘ Best Of 2018 for 4 years in a row.
Other comments and reviews about our products can be found here and here.

BestOf Industriepreis 2018, AUDIO FRAME, Wolf von Langa moderne Field Coil Lautsprecher, Field Coil Netzteile und Komponenten, open baffle systeme Made in Germany, Wir haben das Richtige für Sie

Come and visit us at the High End Munich in the Atrium 4.2, room F231c. 
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High End 2018, modern field coil loudspeakers for your lifetime, Wolf von Langa field coil loudspeakers and field coil speaker power supplies, modular open baffle architecture with superior technology, Made in Germany

The following manufacturers you’ll find at Atrium 4.2 room F231c:

PrimaryControl, Amsterdam, The Netherlands |

Air Tight / distribution Axiss Europe GmbH, Ettersheide 66, D-44879 Bochum |

beaudioful® we love beautiful audio, Markus Klug und André Schwager GbR 
Mozartstr. 4, D-85057 Ingolstadt |

WOLFVONLANGA® loudspeakers for your lifetime, D-91077 Roedlas 54

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