Why AUDIO FRAME X is superior

Not only that the open baffle AFX models meet the highest sound expectations and the best audio reproduction, they also have some „extra“ features that nowhere else can be found.

We are happy to report that, combining an innovative modular design and the ability to choose among three basic styles, the sound of each AFX model can be adjusted to your environment and listening room needs, as well as to your unique hearing profile.

The match of different radiation characteristics mid-high-frequency devices and enclosure-less low-frequency transducers, providing deep immersion, depth and lifelike dynamics, with all kind of music sources, didn’t compromise on the product concept.

Listen only to the best sound, the best sound  you’ve ever experienced. 

AudioVideo Magazin about AUDIO FRAME CHICAGO

AUDIO FRAME Chicago @ AudioVideo Magazine

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The new Reference

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Review Wolf von Langa AUDIO FRAME Chicago: 
What does this modern field coil principle offer?

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We’ve received the BEST OF innovation price 2017 for the third time in a row, this year for the brand new product line AUDIO FRAME X.

SON Color Edition

And the speaker SON celebrates its 3-year anniversary

By the way, it uses the same technology used in AUDIO FRAME Chicago

Made in Germany

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